Crying generation behind the laughing face!

Bee Ochid

Ophrys apifera

Nature doesn't want to
be forgotten !

Myosotis lithospermifolia

Forget Me Not

Magical world of colors...

Ophrys iricolor

Rainbow orchid

Hope hidden in the color of a carnation...

Dianthus calocephalus

Wild Carnation

With support, new discoveries ...

For Next Generation Nature Education

To be a nature lover in Antalya is a privilege

Wherever you look in this area, this country's hotspot of biological diversity, the beauty of nature enlivens your soul. Nature sets you free. In the dense forests, on the high steppe lands… As you wonder along a gushing stream, you feel you have returned to the place you longed for. Sometimes just to take a few steps on the soil is sufficient. The nature you see all around, the colours you witness, summon you into their world. The blue of the sea, the green of the forests, the soil-hues of the steppe... Before every fieldtrip a building excitement grips us. To investigate and evaluate with a botanist's eye, the newly discovered species found in hard to reach places, is indeed a privilege. The more you learn, the more you want to investigate. The more you find, the more you want to explore... We want to take you with us on a fascinating journey through our province’s botanical wonders with these pages. Sometimes from the peak of Mt. Kızlar Sivrisi, which towers above the plain of Elmalı, and sometimes from the difficult journey home from the Gidengelmez Mountains, the 'Mountains of no return', we will present to our rarest beauties. We have endeavoured to show you the dazzling richness of Antalya's floral cornucopia in the pages found within