This project was conducted by West Antalya Tourism Preservation and Development Zone Infrastructure Service Association with the support of Western Mediterranean Development Agency of The Ministry of Development. Within the scope of this project, the routes development work was carried out in the part of Ancient Lycia Road which is included in Konyaaltı Municipality.

In this context, eight alternative walking routes and eight bicycle routes to the Lycian Way were made in Hisarçandır, Bahtılı, Geyikbayırı and Doyran regions.

Topographic and climatic transition is one of the most examples in the province of Antalya is Konyaaltı District. Association for the Conservation of Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity (CAOB) participated as an associate in this project, and research on biodiversity has been carried out in the area. Plant species were determined during flowering periods and photographed and recorded. Endemic plant literature of the region was searched within the study. During the period of January-June 2016, selection was made for the characteristics such as flowering period, habitat type, herbaceous-woody plant form, flower color, family category of the species spreading in the area simultaneously with the field works performed on the routes.  Information about the species has been prepared and published. There are 40 plants in the book. "Konyaaltı Culture Routes; Plant Species of the Lycian Way" book was published in English, Turkish, Russian and German.

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