About us

Association for the Conservation of Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity (CAOB) aims to protect primarily the orchid species, showing the natural distribution  in Antalya Province,  biological diversity and natural resources, to make dissemination “protection consciousness” and research, education and cultural activities. The primary task of our association is to protect of endangered species of flora and fauna and investigate their biology. For this purpose, our priority is to determine biological diversity, protect critically endangered species and make the public and students conscious of related to nature conservation to ensure the sustainability of protected areas. Our association get in touch with public institutions, private institutions, authorities civil society organizations closely for the promotion of nature conservation. The association delivers to community these activities, in the form of seminars, films, photo exhibitions, reports, and in the books. If necessary, the association aims to undertake scientific studies in collaboration with local and foreign scientists, and civil society and public organisations nature conservation.