The main objective of the project is the continuity of endemic and rare floristic diversity of Antalya City for the future generations, which was carried out by Association for the Conservation of Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity (CAOB). “Expo 2016 Endemic and Rare Flowers of Antalya” is a part of the Expo 2016 Organization themed “Flower and Child” and integrated with “A Green World for Future Ge

With this project; - The plant biodiversity of Antalya especially the endemics are introduced to children who are the future of our country, and society. - The endemic plants of Antalya were revised by using Flora of Turkey and East Aegean Islands and relevant literatures, and the endemics were listed according to the current methodology of plant taxonomy. - Numerous field studies (approximately 50) were carried out in 10 different regions anticipated as of endemism centre of Antalya in different seasonally due to visualization by photograph of endemic plants. - The two project researches decided on 10 main endemism regions where the field excursions of the project were carried out, through their field experiences continued nearly ten years. - The collected specimens were identified by using relevant literatures. - The photographs of the species were shared with the suitable departments of Expo 2016 in order to use as press, brochure, poster and in web. - Synchronously by these studies, the species and their photographs were determined to publish in to a book. Every species in the book are described according to the scientific literature but away from the academic language. Besides, every species are introduced to reader with their interesting mythological stories or ethnobotanical uses. -The suitable plant species will be proposed for growing in the areas where will be formed in accordance with their natural habitats and ecological requirements in Expo 2016 exhibition area. These selected species are shown to staffs who are working in the relevant departments, in their natural habitats. Besides, the intriguing texts about these species will be prepared. - The species selected are shown to the film crew who will prepare the promotional film made about our endemics, in their natural habitat.

At the end of the project, the book named “Antalya Endemic and Rare Flowers” published with two versions as Turkish and English. It includes 333 endemic and rare plants which distribute in Antalya Province and 33 important distribution areas attract attention with their archaeological and ecological importance. With this view it taken a place among the cultural heritages that left behind of the Antalya Expo 2016 Organization.